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Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills

12:30pm - 1:30pm on Sep 14, 2018, Friday|Greater Richmond Convention Center, Room E11A|View Details|Add To Calendar

Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills

Presenter - John Murphy

Americans are in love with their cars, and many of us spend hours every day in our vehicles commuting and interacting with society at 60 mph. The criminal and anti-social element is mobile as well, and consequently we may easily find ourselves in an encounter “in and around” our cars. Concealed Carry: Vehicle Environment Skills provides an overview look at self-defense from the “vehicle environment” standpoint, and via a highly dynamic multi-media presentation illustrates challenges and methods by which we can be deselected, deter or, if necessary, prevail in a violent encounter in and around our cars. 


Meet John Murphy

John Murphy served ten years in the Marine Corps and is finishing his career as a civilian working for the Department of Defense. He has been formally instructing concealed carry for the past 15 years, and has been fortunate enough to train under some of the most respected firearms instructors in the country, incorporating the best and most practical methods and techniques into his courses. Selected instructors he's trained under include: John Farnam, Louis Awerbuck (RIP), Kelly McCann, Pat Rogers (RIP), Jeff Gonzales, Pat Goodale, Tom Givens, Craig Douglas, Greg Ellifritz, Massad Ayoob, Kathy Jackson, Andrew Branca, Kyle DeFoor, Kerry Davis "Dark Angel Medical", Mike Green of "Green Ops", and David Spaulding.

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