NRA Carry Guard Expo | For Women: Handgun Fit, Function and Making Educated Decisions

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For Women: Handgun Fit, Function and Making Educated Decisions

10:00am - 11:15am on Sep 14, 2018, Friday|Greater Richmond Convention Center, Room E10D|View Details|Add To Calendar

For Women: Handgun Fit, Function and Making Educated Decisions

Presenters - Diane Danielson & Debbie Crews

Using a variety of firearms that are the most popular among women today, Debbie Crews and Diane Danielson will provide a seminar on how to fit and use them and discuss the decision making process. The second half of the session will allow the group to handle the firearms to help decide what will work best for them. It will also allow them to venture with confidence to the show floor to try additional models not represented.

Topics covered include:

  1. Deciding your primary intended use
  2. Size of the grip
  3. Shape of the grip
  4. Profile and aggressiveness of the grip
  5. Trigger position
  6. Trigger weight (ability to press with finger placed correctly)
  7. Safety features of the different manufacturers
  8. How to “rack a slide” for women
  9. Deciding the best intended method of carry
  10. The importance of practicing at every opportunity (dry and live fire)


Meet Diane Danielson & Debbie Crews

Diane Danielson

Diane Danielson is the Women’s Program Coordinator for the National Rifle Association and has spent many years as a member, advocate and trainer for women in the shooting sports.

Diane served as the Wisconsin State NRA Women’s Program Coordinator, working directly with clubs and organizations as a volunteer representative to assist in starting Women’s events. She also worked with the Wisconsin NRA Field Rep to create and expand the Women’s Shooting Sports Camp in 1998, which is now known as the NRA Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinic Program.

In 2002, Diane became an NRA Certified Instructor, joined NRA staff in 2010 and became an NRA Training Counselor in 2011. In 2013, she became a Range Technical Team Advisor to better serve the organizations that are involved with NRA Programs and Competitions.

In addition to recreational shooting in all disciplines, Diane is also an active pistol, rifle and shotgun competitor, trainer and coach. She conducts numerous seminars in choosing and fitting firearms and methods of concealed carry throughout the country for NRA and other national groups.


Debbie Crews

Debbie Crews is the Assistant General Manager at NRA Headquarters Range leading a 40 strong Range Safety Officer team at one of the busiest indoor facilities in the country.

She is responsible for all NRA Range related events, safety, operations and training while ensuring world class customer service is provided to more than 300,000 clients. Debbie is also a staff member of the NRA Education and Training Division where she prepares curriculum and leads NRA Certified Training Counselors coast to coast.

As an accomplished trainer within multiple shooting disciplines, Debbie leverages her 15+ years of firearms related experience to cultivate quality trainers as well as teach new shooters the safe application of fundamentals. Debbie is also the Lead Instructor for several women’s groups at the NRA Range and responsible for creating new programs, training events, and workshops, including mentoring the next generation of young female shooters. These programs vary from basic handling skills, to advanced classes, to the challenges of concealed carry and personal protection. She promotes an empowering environment for women of all skill levels, ages, and backgrounds.

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