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Virginia’s Gun Rights: What You Need to Know

9:45am - 10:45am on Sep 14, 2018, Friday|Greater Richmond Convention Center, Room E22A|View Details|Add To Calendar

Virginia’s Gun Rights: What You Need to Know

Presenter - Sarah Gervase

So you think you know Virginia gun laws? Well, you may, but everyone will learn a thing or two from this seminar. We will focus primarily on carrying in Virginia and things everyone should know to stay out of trouble. Topics will include obtaining a concealed carry permit, prohibited locations, reciprocity with other states, open carry, and the laws surrounding the use of deadly force. Participants at the seminar will have the opportunity to ask questions and to share their experiences.  


Meet Sarah Gervase

Sarah Gervase

Sarah Gervase has been Assistant General Counsel at the National Rifle Association since 2006. She advises the NRA in a variety of fields, including law enforcement issues, cyber law, and contracts.

Sarah also teaches self-defense and firearms law at NRA training courses and writes articles and training materials for the NRA Law Enforcement Division’s quarterly newsletter. She was one of two 2012 recipients of the NRA Executive Vice President’s Excellence Award.

Sarah has carried concealed since 2002 and has held carry permits in Connecticut, Indiana, Virginia, and Utah (non-resident). Sarah is the proud sister of a Chief of Police in North Carolina and the head gunsmith at Ray’s Sporting Goods in Dallas.

She enjoys hiking, target shooting, the AR-15, and American history. She is a Patron Life Member of the NRA and a graduate of Harvard College and Notre Dame Law School.

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