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Stay tuned for the great line up of seminars and workshops at the 2018 NRA Carry Guard Expo! 


Cole McCulloch, NRA"s Director of Competitive Shooting, leads a seminar on the time it takes to properly access, draw and fire from a variety of concealed carry positions

Chip Eberhart presents a seminar on overcoming common pistol shooting deficiencies in "Perfecting Practice on the Range and at Home: Dry-Fire and Holster Training"

Debbie Crews, Assistant Manager at NRA Headquarters Range, leads a seminar on "Drawing from a Holster - Step-by-Step Method and Drills for Women" 

Steve Tarani, former CIA personal protection expert, leads a workshop on the critical components needed to control any physical altercation, and how to get yourself and your loved ones out of harms way

John Lovell, "the Warrior Poet", leads a workshop on Emergency Preparedness, and how to defend an area, develop a training regimen, and build a site security plan

Michael "Doc" Rohan of Dark Angel Medical, leads a workshop on carrying a personal trauma kit and how to stop life-threatening bleeding in an emergency situation where seconds are critical

“I Will Never Carry A Gun Without Carrying This.”

- Dana Loesch, Gold NRA Carry Guard Member

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NRA Carry Guard Expo

A 3-day educational and interactive experience dedicated to Individuals interested in increasing their knowledge and skills within personal protection, concealed carry and defense tactics.