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Practical Application of Competitive Shooting for Defensive Training - Presented by Larry Houck

3:15pm - 4:15pm on Aug 26, 2017, Saturday|Room 201B|Add To Calendar

Practical Application of Competitive Shooting for Defensive Training - Presented by Larry Houck

On the surface, self-defense and competition shooting share the same goals: Draw faster, shoot better. Competitive shooting enhances important shooting and gun-handling skills and is a great way to maintain shooting proficiency. The skills learned while participating in shooting competition certainly transfer to real-life scenarios. Learning to quickly and safely draw a handgun is a critical skill, as well as many of the other manipulation drills that are commonly learned. This seminar will go over the direct, practical application of competitive shooting as a tool to enhance your self-defense skills.

Meet Larry Houck

Larry Houck is a nationally recognized top level competitor in multiple disciplines spanning a career of more than 25 years. Having competed in USPSA, IDPA, Steel Challenge, Bianchi Cup, NRA PPC and 3 Gun, Larry has over 60 state and national class wins and is a 3 time National Division champion in two different disciplines. Larry was one of the original competitors selected to participate in the inaugural season of 3 Gun Nation Pro Series and remained a part of that series over the next four years. Larry has been a member of two factory shooting team, Heckler and Koch and FNH USA. Larry served as the team Captain for FNH USA.

Larry was the lead firearms instructor for a major Department of Defense contract teaching handgun, shotgun and rifle. Larry also served as the Director of Training for the Department of the Army Police Academy and as a Police Lieutenant – Training Supervisor for the White Sands Police Department at White Sands, NM. Having a vast background in law enforcement training and competitive shooting, Larry is able to blend both worlds together to provide real world usable skills to win in any situation.

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NRA’s Carry Guard Expo will feature a wide array of companies showcasing the latest and greatest guns, gear and services dedicated to personal protection and defense, concealed carry and home defense. 

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“I Will Never Carry A Gun Without Carrying This.”

- Dana Loesch, Gold NRA Carry Guard Member

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NRA Carry Guard Expo

A 3-day educational and interactive experience dedicated to Individuals interested in increasing their knowledge and skills within personal protection, concealed carry and defense tactics.