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Concealed Carry Mindset - Presented by Jeff Gonzales

3:30pm - 4:30pm on Aug 27, 2017, Sunday|Room 101B|Add To Calendar

Concealed Carry Mindset - Presented by Jeff Gonzales

As the number of people legally carrying concealed increases each year the more emphasis is necessary on proper mindset. Actively reducing your signature should be your primary goal, blending in with the scenery. This requires an acknowledgment of the complexities as well as avoidance practice to reduce discovery. Conditions such as environment and wardrobe requirements compound the challenges as you create daily practices to reduce your signature. With the proper mindset, the practitioner can blend in, avoid discovery and if necessary position themselves to gain tactical advantages.


  • Cultivating a warrior mindset, understanding your capabilities and limitations.
  • Evaluating your lifestyle to select the optimal loadout and supporting equipment.
  • Developing best practices for loading out, day-to-day activities, storage and emergencies.
  • Creating a consistent training program to work on areas of improvement and sustainment of performance.
  • Developing a personal protection plan and incorporating it into your daily life.

About Jeff 

US Navy SEAL and modern warfare professional Jeff L. Gonzales serves as president of Trident Concepts, LLC and director of training for The Range at Austin.
Jeff’s background is in Naval Special Warfare. He served as a decorated and respected US Navy SEAL, having participated in numerous combat operations throughout the globe. His duties involved a wide variety of operational and instructional assignments on both the East and West coasts.
Through Trident Concepts, Jeff pioneered new advances in weapons and tactics instruction. His unique understanding of adult learning, detailed curriculum development and rigorous adherence to performance standards continue to set him apart from an increasingly crowded field.
In recent years, Jeff has increased his focus on concealed carry. Leveraging his experience operating in non-permissive environments all over the world, Jeff has unique knowledge to share with members of law enforcement, the military and responsible armed citizens.
Passionate and dynamic, Jeff Gonzales is highly sought after not only as an instructor, but as a public speaker on a wide variety of topics including firearms and self-defense.

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NRA’s Carry Guard Expo will feature a wide array of companies showcasing the latest and greatest guns, gear and services dedicated to personal protection and defense, concealed carry and home defense. 

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“I Will Never Carry A Gun Without Carrying This.”

- Dana Loesch, Gold NRA Carry Guard Member

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NRA Carry Guard Expo

A 3-day educational and interactive experience dedicated to Individuals interested in increasing their knowledge and skills within personal protection, concealed carry and defense tactics.