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Home Defense: Choosing the Right Firearm (Handgun, Shotgun, or Rifle) - Presented by John Lovell

3:15pm - 4:15pm on Aug 27, 2017, Sunday|Room 202C|Add To Calendar

Home Defense: Choosing the Right Firearm (Handgun, Shotgun, or Rifle) - Presented by John Lovell

This one-hour module explores the different strengths and weaknesses of three very different weapons systems: the shotgun, the handgun, and the AR-15/M4 carbine. Aside from the strengths inherent to a particular weapon system, many other factors must be considered, such as training levels, low-light variables, the overall home defense plan, the composition of walls, proximity of family members, etc. This module is meant to help individuals sort through both objective and subjective variables to arrive at the right choice for their particular household.

About John

John Lovell, “the Warrior Poet,” is a tactics and firearms instructor as well as a public speaker. John is a former war veteran and Special Operations soldier, having served in 2nd Ranger Battalion, 75th Ranger Regiment. In addition to being a soldier, John served as a foreign Christian missionary. He holds a B.A. in business finance and is the leader of the Warrior Poet Society – a movement dedicated to building better protectors by integrating loving conviction, depth of thought, and skill in violence.

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“I Will Never Carry A Gun Without Carrying This.”

- Dana Loesch, Gold NRA Carry Guard Member

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NRA Carry Guard Expo

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